Choosing the Right Medical Beds

Choosing a medical bed is an important decision, and it is important to do your research to make the right choice. Having a medical bed that is made of durable materials will help you to have a comfortable sleep. It is also important to find a medical bed that fits with your lifestyle. The best medical beds are also easy to clean.

Side rails

Using side rails on medical beds can be an effective way to ensure safety. However, they can also be dangerous. These rails can trap patients, causing injury. It’s important to understand how to use them and the potential risks.

Bed rails are often used in nursing homes and in the home for people with frail or sick conditions. They prevent a patient from slipping out of bed or falling. In addition, they can provide support when someone is pulling up. However, contact with bed rails can lead to blunt force injuries, bruises, and broken bones.


Choosing the right mattress is essential to the health of patients. It is especially important for those who spend the majority of their time in bed. It also helps prevent bed sores.

The present invention provides a modular medical-bed mattress that features a plurality of self-contained mattress modules. These modules can be replaced without disturbing other modules in the mattress system. These modules can be used in various positions and provide heat or cold in a comfortable manner.

The mattress system of the present invention includes the following elements: a frame unit 30, a plurality of mattress modules, and a bedpan support enclosure. These elements can be used in combination with an electric bed.

Single or double bed base

Using an adjustable bed base can alleviate sleep problems for many people. They offer the ability to adjust the height of the legs, the head and foot of the bed, and other parts of the body. This can make it easier to get into bed, and lessen the chances of injury from falling.

Using an adjustable base can help with musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, or sleep apnea. The best part is that they can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars, depending on the model. Some models are designed to fit a variety of mattress types, while others are designed to be paired with an innerspring mattress.


Mechatronic medical beds are a new generation of medical equipment which have the potential to offer a more intuitive and responsive environment for patients. These devices incorporate novel actuating solutions and environment-aware sensors. They have the potential to improve patient care and facilitate more efficient efforts for caregivers.

Smart medical beds are based on a comprehensive multidisciplinary design approach. They integrate an elaborate array of technologies to improve patient care, monitor patient conditions and increase caregiver efficiency. Mechatronic medical beds have the potential to improve the medical bed experience by reducing stress on patients and caregivers.

Fluidized air bed

Unlike the conventional round therapy bed, the fluidized air medical bed uses air to provide support. Its primary use is for wound treatment, but it is also beneficial for patients with ulcers. Its special features help promote better sleep for patients, as it reduces pressure inside the bed.

The FluidAir(tm) Air-Fluidized Therapy Bed is designed to be used in the home or institutional setting. It provides superior pressure reduction, which enables the healing of pressure ulcers. It is also a cost-effective solution for patients with intense pain.

Continual lateral rotation therapy

Continual lateral rotation therapy for medical beds is an intervention used to promote healing of pressure related wounds. In addition, it is often used as an adjunct to good wound care practices. Continuous lateral rotation therapy has been used to treat a number of conditions including partial-thickness wounds and respiratory complications associated with prolonged bed rest.

This type of therapy was developed in the late 1980s as a way of preventing respiratory complications in immobile patients. Although it may not have a major effect on the length of an ICU stay, it can decrease the risk of mechanical ventilation.

Medicare Part B coverage

Whether you are buying a hospital bed or adjustable bed, Medicare may help you cover some of the costs. To qualify, you need to meet certain criteria and be medically qualified for the bed.

Medicare will pay 80 percent of the costs of a home hospital bed if the bed is medically necessary. The cost will include a deductible. The deductible will be $198 per year starting in 2020. If you need help paying the deductible, you may qualify for community assistance or a Medigap plan.

Medicare will not cover a fully electric bed or an over-the-bed table. These features are considered convenience.


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