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Health Charter is here to provide good health and care to the public. Health is the most important aspect for anyone’s life. It is often said; “ health is wealth”. Definitely, health is the actual wealth. Here at Health Charter, we are providing a complete spectrum of treatments for your health care concerns. Your health is our priority

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We have experts and specialists for every health issue you are going through. Health charter offers flexible timings for consultation with an affordable fee that makes good hath families easily accessible to all. We aim in a healthy society that could lead towards a healthier future. We offer flexible timings and availability of Doctors at different times. Every individual’s health matters , and Health Charter aims to cater the health services for you.

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We here at Health Charter are focusing on good health care facilities and services; with an expert panel to serve you. We have a team of dedicated workers who bring on the specialised Doctors on our panel.


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Our team is always ready for emergency situations with all equipment and facilities to facilitate you. Bring your patients here at any time of the day or night and we promise a quality treatment in an affordable price.

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Cleanliness matters too. We prioritise cleaning our premises as this is prior to any other treatment.
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We are here with our best services to cater your health needs in the best possible manner.
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Body contouring machines to help you lose weight


If you want to get in shape and eliminate the fat from your body you might need to go for a body contouring treatment. These non surgical option makes use of machines and is known as lipolysis that would use cold, heat, laser and other methods to help you lose the unwanted weight.

How is a body contouring machine used?

What is a body contouring machine? Body contouring machines work by reshaping any area of the body to get rid of the extra skin or eliminate excess fat. It can help you get back into shape especially if you have tried all forms of weight loss like exercise and dieting and have not be successful to lose the stubborn weight.


Different varieties of body contouring

There are several methods which are used to help you get into shape these include the use of a very cold temperature to help destroy the fat cells. It uses a machine which is known as cool sculpting that makes use of highly freezing temperatures to freeze the fat and get rid of it.

Another method is injecting lipolysis into the body to target the fat cells. Lasers are also used to target the different areas of fat in the body and the use of radio frequency directs the ultrasound waves and target the fact cells.

However it needs to be kept in mind that the results of each of these treatments may vary. What is effective for one individual may not be so far another and this is why it is important that you speak to a professional dermatologist or doctor to help you understand what kind of method would be best for your particular kind of body fat.

Several people might also make use of surgical options like getting lift and tucks which are surgical procedures that can help get rid of extra fat and extra skin is include a tummy tuck or a face lift and also a double chin surgery. Another method of helping individuals lose weight is through liposuction which help suction out the deposits of fat in the body.

The most common areas which can be treated with the help of these machines include the arms, the back fat, the belly and the buttocks. Before you go for a body contouring procedure you need to meet with your plastic surgeon so that you are able to discuss your goals and tell them about your medical history including any health conditions or allergies that you suffer from.

The surgeon would then measure or examine the areas which need to be contoured and make a drawing with the help of a marker or a pen. They will take pictures and then discuss your best options and recommend you treatment based upon their findings. They  Would also inform you about the risk and any options which you have for undergoing anesthesia or controlling pain after the surgery.

It all comes down to the kind of body sculpting that you are going for. You might also need to get some blood work done and get a physical exam from your primary health Care provider.

What you need to know before enrolling in beauty therapy courses

If you are thinking about becoming a beauty therapist it is essential that you go for a beauty therapy course. Instead of signing up for just about any beauty diploma it is essential that you do proper research. The beauty industry is on the rise. Every day there are new innovations in beauty techniques which can help beauty therapist cater to the specific requirements of their clients.

However before making a decision to enroll in a beauty therapy course, it is essential that you are willing to explore your creative side. It is a profession which is in hide demand but it also requires a great deal of practice and dedication especially if you want to make it big in the field.

If you are someone who is great at communication and find satisfaction in aesthetics then this beauty therapy force is definitely something which you need to pursue.


Qualifications required for enrolling in a beauty therapy course

Although you may not need any specific qualification but it is essential that you have some idea regarding beauty techniques. If you have been forever helping your friends look the very best then your future employer will be able to spot your natural talent and ensure that you are guided in the right direction.

If you plan on branching into massages and aroma therapy you may need specialized kind of training and it also require some sort of knowledge regarding the bones, the hormones and the blood supply in the body. If you plan on becoming self-employed or starting your own beauty salon then having an accredited diploma in your name would help you establish a good reputation.

There quiet a big number of beauty therapy courses that you could choose from. You could become a nail technician or a makeup professional. Some individuals even look towards holistic beauty treatments and there has been a lot of interest towards anti-aging treatment which are in high demand.

As a beauty therapist your daily activities would comprise of offering great customer service and having good communication and listening skills. Apart from these important skills you also need to have specialized training in the various types of beauty therapies which include aroma therapy massages, waxing etc.

Although you may not initially earn a great deal by becoming a beauty therapist but with right amount of experience and time you would be able to establish a name for yourself and earn a great deal more.


Opening a beauty salon after completing a beauty therapy course

If you plan on opening your own salon there are plenty of opportunities to do so. However you still need to do your research like finding the best location for your business. It also needs a great deal of commitment and education to establish your clientele. It is necessary that you have some idea regarding the customer base so that you can offer your future clients the services that they need. You may also need to think about financing and it is important that you have a business plan in place. Setting realistic objectives and having the right kind of strategy would allow you to make the most of your business plan.

Study with The French Beauty Academy and get ready to be at the top of the beauty industry.


Why are Dermal Fillers Trending on the Gold Coast?

One of the things that you cannot run away from in this life is aging. With time, your skin will begin to show the signs of aging and this will change how your face looks. Fortunately, there are so many ways that you can use to maintain your youthful face.  Therefore, if you have started seeing wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, especially the face, you should consider undergoing a treatment procedure such as dermal fillers that will help you get your youthful and smooth face back. Dermal fillers are perfect when it comes to dealing with aging as well as wrinkles.  They are a wonderful selection and have become so trendy on the Gold Coast since they are non-invasive but provide your skin with a healthy appearance. If you want to find out the many benefits of dermal fillers and why they are trending, keep reading this article.

Reasons Why Dermal Fillers Have Become Trendy Today on the Gold Coast

In case you are wondering why dermal fillers have become so trendy in the Gold Coast, it is because of the following reasons;

  • Dermal fillers increase the production of elastin and collagen

Collagen and elastin are the main elements that keep your skin youthful.  However, the production of elastin and collagen naturally becomes less and less with age which results in aging signs and symptoms.  Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid that increases the elastin and collagen levels.  Therefore, the more of this acid you have in the body, the more collagen and elastin is produced resulting in a beautiful, smooth and youthful face.

  • Its results are almost immediate

When your face begins to show aging signs such as wrinkles and lines, all you can think about is getting an immediate solution to the condition. While this might be your aim, there are so many skin treatment procedures but every few will provide you with immediate results like dermal fillers. Therefore, since people on the Gold Coast want to smoothen out the fine lines and plump up their lip, without having to wait for days or weeks for the effects to begin showing, most of them are considering dermal fillers which makes it trendy.

  • Minimal risks are involved

Whenever you are using any beauty procedures, you should expect some risks to be involved. However, there are some procedures that have serious risks while others have minimal risks.  With dermal fillers, you experience minimal risks and it is very rare for patients who choose dermal fillers to get any complications. The fact that the procedure involves minimal risks also makes it trendy.

  • It can be used together with other treatments

The other reason why dermal fillers have become very trendy on the Gold Coast is that they do not limit people who are already having other treatments like most procedures do.  For instance, you can get dermal fillers as well as Botox injections and the results will be very amazing.  The number of treatments that you can combine will be determined by the kind of lines you have on your skin.

  • The results last for long

Although the durability of dermal fillers depend on several factors, they are known to last between six and eighteen months.  Some of the factors that determine how long the effects of dermal fillers last include the type of dermal fillers you used, your lifestyle, and the area you treat and how you take care of your skin.

Build Your Confidence Today!

Whenever something is wrong with the skin, especially on the face, people tend to lose their self esteem and confidence. However, you don’t have to live with low self esteem anymore. This is because the different types of dermal fillers available will make your skin look healthier and youthful within no time.


4 Things To Do After Your Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

After getting your wisdom teeth removed, you may be wondering what the next steps are. You’ve probably heard horror stories about people’s recoveries, and while it’s true that there can be some discomfort, there are also some easy things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. Here are a couple of things, suggested by wisdom teeth removal, to keep in mind for your post-op recovery.

Take Pain Medication 

You will be given pain medication to take home with you after your wisdom teeth removal Perth. It is important that you take these pain medications as directed by your dentist and/or oral surgeon. 

If you do not take enough of the pain medication, it might make you nauseated, dizzy, or drowsy. This may cause problems for you at home and when driving, so it is very important to follow the directions on the bottle.

Rest That Mouth

It is very important that you rest for several days after your wisdom teeth removal surgery. Do not put anything in your mouth except for ice chips or water for 24 hours after surgery. After 24 hours, start sipping liquids through a straw (no solid food yet!) and eat soft foods like yogurt or pudding until the bleeding stops completely and all stitches are removed from your gums. 

You should also avoid chewing gum until your mouth has healed completely, which may take up to 6 weeks depending on how many teeth were pulled out during surgery.

Take Your Medications As Directed By Your Dentist

If you are taking antibiotics after wisdom tooth removal surgery, make sure to complete the entire course of medicine as directed by your dentist and/or oral surgeon! If you stop taking them before they are finished, this may increase the risk of infection in your mouth and could lead to serious complications down the road! 

Also, remember to keep all appointments with your dentist after wisdom tooth extraction to check on the healing progress and make sure everything is going smoothly!

Keep Your Mouth Clean

It is very important to keep your mouth clean after wisdom tooth removal surgery. You should brush your teeth at least 3 times a day with an extra soft bristle toothbrush and floss regularly after eating to help prevent infection and speed up healing time. 

You should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours after surgery. It is important to clean your mouth after wisdom tooth removal surgery because if food particles and bacteria are allowed to remain in the mouth, they can cause an infection. Infections can delay healing, cause pain, and lead to other complications. 

By keeping the mouth clean, you can help prevent these problems and speed up your recovery. If you have any questions about how to clean your mouth after wisdom tooth extraction, talk with your dentist or oral surgeon for more advice on how to care for your mouth!


So, if you’re one of the many people who will be having wisdom tooth surgery in the near future, follow these post-surgery tips and you’ll be on your way to a quick and easy recovery.

Make the Financial Crisis a Boon for Your Healthcare Center

As our able federal governments maintain reducing public investing, having the ability to pay for good health care has ended up being a great deal more testing from the commoner. Currently, it’s not simply the clients that are most likely to really feel the warm of the current ‘austerity measures’ as also health care centers are anticipated to witness a downturn. As the investing power of the commoner is decreasing, a big job of the hands of health care centers is to suit their fees according to the investing power of individuals.

As they state, whatever has 2 sides; if you’re the proprietor or the supervisor of a health care center, the monetary downturn might extremely well help your facility instead of functioning versus it. This is since if you reduce the fees of the therapies you provide, you will have the ability to draw in a a lot bigger variety of clients compared to you typically do. Nevertheless, the concern that occurs here’s how in the world you can reduce the fees when the costs of whatever are increasing.

However this might audio impractical, with the power of the internet, you can certainly accomplish this. Regardless of whether you have to purchase med materials or laboratory materials, you invest a significant quantity of cash. Currently, you might extremely well have a credible clinical and medical tools provider to look after every require you center has; nevertheless, if you purchase the needed materials from an internet centered provider, you can extremely well experience a considerable distinction in your investing.

When you purchase the needed materials from a regional clinical and medical devices provider, along with spending for the materials, you likewise pay a component of the upkeep responsible on the provider. Nevertheless, if you purchase the needed materials from an online vendor, you’re not needed to spend for such costs as on-line vendors don’t have any type of such costs. Thus, by saving money on the buy of the materials, you can quickly produce a monetary buffer to reduce the fees of the therapies you need to provide.

Why Should Hospitals and Healthcare Centers Go for Online Registration?

Lots of medical facilities and health care facilities throughout the world have sent or are while sending out propositions to their Administration to demand upgrading systems to an on the internet enrollment user interface. They think that such a system will assistance them conquer the issues of by hand handling enrollment of a a great deal of individuals when arranging a seminar or a clinical seminar. It’s certainly a troublesome and tiresome task to disperse and gather types from each private before a massive occasion such as this. An on the internet enrollment system will conserve cash, time, and the power had to gather and authorize types.

An on the internet enrollment service can be advantageous for a variety of factors.

First of all, it can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, to offer your expert requirements. This site can be utilized by logging into the computer system which has web connection. Without the web, you can’t go into an on the internet enrollment system or for that function any type of site.

Second of all, Cloud-based enrollment is suitable for curtailing included funding outflow – no paper types to publish or message, carrier or postal fees are gotten rid of, and no purchasing or setting up of software application to begin utilizing the Cloud-based register service. personnel to guy the enrollment respond to as just one workers suffices run the system on the computer system and check and track daily procedure.

Third, you can personalize the types in the feel you can evaluate, modify, and upgrade them after on-line magazine. For example, you have opened the enrollment for your clinical seminar or educating program without including your business logo design. Do not worry regarding it. You can immediately modify the types to include the logo design in addition to alter the font style shade or design of the types previously you make them public once again.

Furthermore, your prospective guests can profit a great deal from such an on the internet system. They do not need to take a trip separately for your workplace to obtain signed up for the approaching occasion. They can total rules whilst resting at the convenience of their houses or from their work environment.

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